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Seminar: Human Rights defenders - any of your business?


08:00 - 09:30
Stockholm, Enact, Vasagatan 7

Enact Sustainable Strategies & Diakonia invite you to a unique breakfast seminar on the topic Human Rights defenders – any of your business? Moving from harmful silence to proactive engagement.

During this breakfast seminar we have the honour of hosting two very experienced experts on the topic:

Andy Hall, human rights defender and migrant worker rights specialist

Mauricio Lazala, head of the newly launched global programme on business protection of human rights defenders

During the seminar we will discuss the hot topic of human rights defenders and role of business. Civic freedoms continue to shrink in many countries around the world, and attacks on human rights defenders continue unabated.

A human rights defender highlights uncomfortable truths such as forced or child labour in a company’s value chain. Many companies are not sure how they should view or relate to this. Are they noise that disturb the reputation of the company? Are they a financial exposure because they may scare off investors? Are they a legal exposure because they could bring claims or even sue the company? Or are they bearers of useful information that a responsible business should welcome?

The seminar will present and debate how businesses affect defenders, why and how businesses can take action to protect defenders and civic freedoms. A corporate representative (TBA) will also share how a progressive company can respond to challenging dilemmas.

Please note that seats are limited! RSVP no later than 10 may to martha.mancheva@enact.se.

Coffee and sandwiches will be served at 7.45.

Read the full seminar description here.


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