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Diakonia på MR-dagarna


2018-11-15 09:00 - 2018-11-17 17:00
Älvsjö, Stockholmsmässan

Välkommen att besöka Diakonias seminarier på MR-dagarna:

The Zimbabwe Election and Women's Political Participation

Torsdag 10.30-12.00, lokal C6

What happens when women claim new political space? How do they navigate resistance from their political opponents and their own parties at the same time? And what are the positive trends in Zimbabwean politics?

Four months after the election in Zimbabwe, Sakhile Sifelani from Women in Politics Support Unit (WiPSU) and former opposition councillor Elizabeth Ncube from the Masvingo province speak about women's political participation before, during and after.

Your food - Their Water Crisis? Peruvian aspergus industry causes lack of water and labour rights abuses: what can Swedish companies and consumers do?

Torsdag 13.30-14.00, lokal Globala scenen, Arr: Diakonia och Swedwatch

Swedish food retailers source asparagus and other vegetables from Peru. While the agro exporting companies in Peru use 90 per cent of the groundwater, local population has access to water at best a couple of hours a day and at worst only once every two or three weeks. Please join us at the launch of a new Diakonia- Swedwatch report, to watch a short documentary from Peru and discuss the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders.

Violence Against Human Rights defenders - Role of Business

Torsdag 15.00-16.00, lokal C8, Arr: Forum Syd, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Swedwatch, Diakonia, Amnesty International, Naturskyddsföreningen, Afrikagrupperna, FIAN Sverige

Threats and violence against human rights defenders escalate around the world. In many cases there are direct links to companies. Local and indigenous people who defend their rights to land and natural resources are particularly vulnerable. What responsibility do companies have for their value chain? What is the responsibility of the state for Swedish companies’ behaviour abroad? An NGO from Philippines discusses with business and policy makers.

To work for human rights in headwinds - Israel and Palestine

Fredag 16.00-17.30, lokal T1

The situation in Israel and in Palestine is going backwards rapidly in many respects. In Israel, in Gaza and in the West Bank, human rights organizations work to create hope, document human rights abuses, and challenge political actors in order to improve protection and provide alternative right-based approaches.The reduced civic space and democratic deficit, threats and intimidation is something they share together - regardless of whether we are dealing with violations by Israel, the facto authorities in Gaza or the Palestinian Authority.

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