A street scene with houses and children playing in the street.

Global Engagement and Crisis support

Our global team works on global policies and responds to humanitarian crises worldwide, including the conflict in Mozambique.

Support for the humanitarian community in crisis situations

Our global team works on global policies and responds to crises worldwide. We coordinate projects to advance international humanitarian law, provide technical support to the humanitarian community in different locations, and organise in-depth engagement in countries where the political or security situation does not allow the establishment of a local presence.

A religious building with towers.

Supporting partner of the Generating Respect Project

Religious leaders are significant change actors across our contexts of engagement. The Centre supports the activities of the Generating Respect Project, and provides advice through its presence on the advisory board. The work connects well to the Centre’s vision of taking innovative and broad perspectives when looking to enhance the respect of IHL.

A tree and in the background a river and a wide landscape.


As the violence in the Cabo Delgado province in Northern Mozambique is increasing, the need for humanitarian assistance and protection becomes urgent. International humanitarian law provides a powerful tool, for example for the protection of women and children who are disproportionately affected by the conflict.

Football players with crutches on the field.

IHL and disability

International humanitarian law does currently not include a perspective on disability. Through our global policy project, we work to ensure disability rights are upheld during armed conflicts.