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Announcing the Inclusion Network Expert Group

20 May 2024

The Diakonia IHL Centre is thrilled to announce the formation of the Inclusion Network, a distinguished expert group dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in the context of identity dynamics during armed conflicts. This initiative, spearheaded by the Centre, brings together leading experts to address critical gaps in the inclusive application and monitoring of IHL.

In the humanitarian community, there is a significant knowledge gap regarding the diverse identities within civilian populations and how these identities influence experiences of armed conflict. This misconception can lead to under-inclusive and ineffective IHL application and monitoring, leaving marginalized groups such as women, children, older persons, persons with disabilities, LGBTQI persons, ethnic minorities, and undocumented migrants at greater risk. To address this, our newly formed Inclusion Network will focus on the inclusive application and monitoring of IHL, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their identity, receive the strongest possible protection in conflict settings.

Our Inclusion Network composed of approximately ten experts, will commit around 12 days of work, including an in-person meeting in June in Europe. These experts will provide in-depth analysis on IHL and their respective fields of expertise, contributing to a comprehensive report on inclusive IHL monitoring. This report, due in early November, will be launched at the European Humanitarian Summit 2025.

Inclusion Network profiles and biographies

Tobias Freeman

Claudia Mahler

Cornelius N Nagbe

Catherine O’Rourke

Mikiko Otani

Laura Perez

William Pons

Samuel Ritholtz

Pishko Shamsi

Hamsa Vijayaraghavan

This initiative is part of a broader project in partnership with the European Commission - European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). The project aims to strengthen IHL monitoring and advocacy through three components: developing IHL monitoring standards, an IHL Advisory Service, and the Expert Group, whose findings will significantly influence the project’s outcomes.

We are excited to embark on this journey towards more inclusive and effective humanitarian law and look forward to the impactful contributions of our expert advisors.

For more information, stay tuned to our website for updates on this important initiative.

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