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Issues addressed by IHL

International humanitarian law (IHL) regulates a wide range of issues. Some of these relate to humanitarian protection, while others are more heavily influenced by military interests. For example, those in detention or living in situations of occupations are provided with a great deal of protection, while during the conduct of hostilities the protection is much more limited and military concerns are given more weight.

Issues Addressed by IHL

  • Protected Persons

    "Protected persons" is a legal term that only applies in situations of international armed conflict (IAC). It refers to specific protections afforded to people who have fallen into the hands of or are under the control of the adversary.
  • Detention

    People held in detention are by definition in an incredibly vulnerable position. Regrettably, history has shown that those held in detention are often subject to cruel treatment and physical and mental abuse,...
  • Conduct of Hostilities

    The conduct of hostilities is a specific aspect of international humanitarian law (IHL) which regulates the means and methods of warfare. This area if often referred to as traditional Hague law. It is an area...
  • Wounded and Sick

    The protection of the wounded and sick remains a central focus of international humanitarian law. The Geneva Conventions were inspired by the horrific scenes and neglect and suffering of the wounded witnessed...