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On 30 November 2015, Israeli Civil Administration personnel and soldiers confiscated ten tents in the Al-Hadidiyah community (Tubas Governorate), located in Area C in the northern Jordan Valley in close proximity to the Israeli settlement of Ro’i.


 In apparent contravention of IHL, this area has been declared a closed military zone by the Israeli authorities to conduct military training activity in the past (a designation which could only serve to authorize the Israeli army to temporarily displace Palestinian inhabitants to conduct necessary military activities, as opposed to training).

Furthermore, the community faces continuous threats from the nearby settlement, while its access to basic needs such as water and electricity remains limited by ICA restrictions, notwithstanding its close proximity to a major water pumping facility (known as ‘Beka’ot 2’). The tents confiscated on 30 November had been provided by aid organizations, following an earlier wave of demolitions on 26 November 2015 during which tents housing two families and seven structures used for storage also had been destroyed.

On 28 November 2015, before the confiscation, ICA personnel together with military officials removed two tents erected by one of the families affected by the demolition two days earlier. These measures were enforced notwithstanding a pending order to freeze any demolition until 31 December that had been announced by the ICA supervisory committee on 23 November 2015.

The affected families had already lost their homes during demolitions in 2011, and had been provided with new ones by humanitarian organizations. Furthermore, on 25 November 2015, military personnel arrived with a bulldozer and destroyed a section (one kilometer long) of the dirt road leading to the community.

The dirt road, which allows the affected community to access essential services including education and health services, was under renovation with the support of aid organizations. After a section of the road was bulldozed, many children in AlHadidiyah could not attend school in the nearby village of Tammun during the last week of November.