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The Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre promotes respect for the laws of war worldwide.

A large group of protesters march on a field in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Timeline: Shrinking space in Israel-Palestine

This timeline constitutes the first in a series illustrating the clampdown on civil society in Israel-Palestine that the Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre Jerusalem will develop in the coming months. The timelines are organized around different actors; this timeline focuses exclusively on official measures taken by the Israeli authorities.

In focus

IHL in the Russia-Ukraine conflict

We provide independent analysis and background on the legal aspects of the conflict in Ukraine to strengthen international humanitarian law (IHL).

Current research Projects

We conduct independent and in-depth research on international humanitarian law. By sharing knowledge, we raise awareness, change behaviour, and promote advancements of international law for greater protection in conflict zones worldwide.

A group of football player with crutches on a field.

Disability and armed conflict

International humanitarian law often overlooks the specific needs and protection concerns of those with disabilities. We believe that IHL must be applied in a disability inclusive manner.

Barbed wire and in the background the Temple Mountain.

Shrinking space for civil society

In the Israel-Palestine context, restrictions of civil and political rights, such as freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly, and the right to public participation are increasing. We provide in-depth analysis of the measures taken by authorities in Israel and Palestine to restrict civil and political rights.

A group of people observing the work of an emergency coordinator in front of many computer screens.

IHL Help Desk

Are you a professional struggling to find out what your rights and obligations are under international humanitarian law? We provide targeted advice on legal and policy questions to the humanitarian community.