Severely damaged houses and rubble.
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The legal implications of demolition and confiscation during the COVID-19 outbreak

23 April 2020

Over the past weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic, protection incidents involving demolitions of residential structures, confiscation of medical equipment and food aid and the targeting of WASH infrastructure crucial to combat the further outbreak of the pandemic have been reported in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt). The reported incidents took place on top of the already fragmented and de-developed healthcare system of the oPt, the lack of adequate infrastructure for the Palestinians, including the water network, as well as the absence of appropriate planning and zoning laws in the oPt.

In light of those circumstances, Diakonia wishes to share its publications and analysis to clarify the protection, chiefly under international humanitarian law (IHL), to which the targets of those incidents are entitled.  Their protection should also be seen in the light of the obligation of Israel, as an Occupying Power (OP), essential during the COVID-19 outbreak, to provide for the well-being of the protected population and for the health and life of the individuals in the oPt as well as for the duty to adopt and apply preventive measures necessary to combat the spread of the disease.