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Israel-Palestine: training and events

IHL Training Series

10 July 2021

The Diakonia IHL training series is organised to equip professionals working in or on the context of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) with a foundational understanding of the international legal framework applicable in armed conflicts and situations of occupation, with a strong focus on international humanitarian law (IHL).

This training series is tailored for the needs of lawyers and legal advisors, policymakers, civil society organizations, humanitarian and development professionals, human rights advocates, journalists and media specialists.


This in-depth training on key thematic topics will familiarize participants with areas of law that have direct bearing on their work. It addresses select humanitarian issues of particular relevance in the oPt context and discusses how international law applies to these issues. Participants will gain a basic degree of legal literacy that should inform and enhance their protection, humanitarian, human rights, or reporting work.

Upon completion of the training, participants should be able to identify the main rules of international law applicable to the protection issues addressed during the series and should understand and know how to apply those rules. They should also be able to critically assess legal narratives from external sources.

The Fall 2021 edition of the training series comprises 6 (online) sessions of 3-4 hours each, which will commence on 23 September 2021 and will be conducted every two weeks:

Session 1 – Introduction to international law and its relevance in the oPt (4 hours)

Session 2 – Public order and civil life in the occupied territory and core protections for its inhabitants (3 hours)

Session 3 – Use of force: Law enforcement and conduct of hostilities (3 hours)

Session 4 – Population transfers, land and property in the occupied territory (3 hours)

Session 5 – Access and movement restrictions and fragmentation of people and territory (3 hours)

Session 6 – Implementation and measures for accountability (3 hours)

The training sessions are delivered (online) by Diakonia IHL Centre’s team, on some occasions complemented by guest speakers. A strong emphasis will be placed on active participation and interactions between the moderators and participants, as well as amongst the participants. Case studies (real-life and illustrative hypothetical scenarios) will be introduced at various points in the training, with a view to ensure that the training content has been correctly understood or to introduce new concepts or rules, that are grounded in practical experience.

There is no enrolment fee for the training series. Participants are nevertheless required to commit to participating in all 6 sessions of the series.

Application to the Fall 2021 edition has now closed. If you are interested in participating in the next series, please check back on this page for application details.

Contact us at jerusalem-ihl@diakonia.se for further information.