Barbed wire and in the background the Temple Mountain.
Israel-Palestine: training and events

IHL Training

6 February 2024

The Diakonia IHL training is organized to equip professionals working in or on the context of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) with a foundational understanding of the international legal framework applicable in armed conflicts and situations of occupation, with a strong focus on international humanitarian law (IHL). 

This training is tailored specifically towards the needs of lawyers and legal advisors, policymakers, civil society organizations, humanitarian and development professionals, human rights advocates, and journalists whose work relates to the oPt context. 


The IHL Centre’s in-depth training on key thematic topics will familiarize participants with the areas of law that have direct bearing on their work. It addresses select humanitarian issues that are particularly relevant in the oPt context and discusses how international law applies to these issues. Participants will gain a basic degree of legal literacy that should inform and enhance their protection, humanitarian, human rights, or reporting work.  

Upon completion of the training, participants should be able to identify the main rules of international law applicable to the protection issues addressed during the training and should be able to understand and know how to apply those rules. They should also be able to critically assess legal narratives from external sources.  

The programme is designed to cover a selection of issues that are most pertinent and will be adapted if there are significant developments of legal relevance occurring in the context. 

Please note that the IHL Centre also organizes an IHL training specifically for members of the diplomatic community in Israel and the oPt. Further information is available here

In light of the developments unfolding in the context since October 2023, the Spring 2024 edition of the IHL training has been postponed to a later date.

In its stead, the IHL Centre will be organising thematic briefings on topics of concern in the coming weeks.

Updates about a rescheduling of the Spring 2024 IHL training will be made available on this page at a later date.