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The IHL Centre in Lebanon aims to promote international humanitarian law and share expert knowledge with national authorities, inter-governmental bodies, international and regional organisations, humanitarian actors, and academia.

Panel Talk: Cross-Border Relief Operations into Syria - Legal and Operational Aspects
On the 28th of July 2020 the IHL Centre in Lebanon hosted an expert panel webinar on the issue of cross-border relief operations into Syria. The webinar aimed to bring clarity and understanding of international law applicable to cross-border relief operations in Syria with a view to contributing to the international humanitarian community's informed decision- making and operational policies that comply with international legal standards, while honouring the imperative to help millions of Syrian civilians to remain alive and in dignity. This panel talk was recorded and is now available online if you follow the link above.

IHL Youth Conference Book
On 10-11 June 2019 the IHL Centre in Lebanon in cooperation with the Law Faculty of the Petra University hosted the pioneer Regional Youth Conference on International Humanitarian Law. Click on the link above to read more or find the full IHL Youth Conference Book available for download in the column to the right - in Arabic.

International Humanitarian Law Resource Desk first Regional IHL Experts Convene in Beirut, Lebanon