Thematic focus

In our research and advocacy, we focus on issues that help to increase the protection of marginalised groups and advance international humanitarian law.

Solutions for Better protection

In addition to our work in different conflict-affected regions, we have developed a thematic focus on issues of international humanitarian law that require global attention.

Through research, knowledge sharing, and advocacy, the Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre identifies gaps in the law and promotes solutions. We work with partners around the world to make sure international law is inclusive and effective.

Health workers in protective gear discussing with each other, and in the background a tall building.

IHL and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has severe consequences on people affected by armed conflict. We analyse the aspects of international humanitarian law and the impact of the occupation in the Palestinian territory on the fight against the pandemic.

A football player with crutches hitting a ball.

Disability and armed conflict

International humanitarian law does currently not include a perspective on disability. We work to ensure disability rights are preserved during armed conflicts.