The rubble of a destroyed building and in the background a remains of a house wall.
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Webinar: Cross-Border Relief Operations into Syria

20 August 2020

On the 28 July 2020, the International Humanitarian Law Centre in Lebanon hosted a webinar on the issue of cross-border relief operations into Syria. This panel discussion was recorded and is now available online.

The webinar aimed to clarifiy and increase the understanding of international law applicable to cross-border relief operations in Syria with a view to contributing to the international humanitarian community's informed decision-making and operational policies that comply with international legal standards, while honouring the imperative to help millions of Syrian civilians to remain alive and in dignity.

Speakers at the webinar on cross-border relief operations in Syria:

Prof. Michael Bothe
Professor of Public Law, Goethe University Frankfurt

Misty Buswell
Regional Policy, Advocacy, and Communication Director, International Rescue Committee

Emanuela-Chiara Gillard
Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict

Rachel Sider
Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Norwegian Refugee Council

Moderator: Dr. Jelena Plamenac
Desk Manager Lebanon, Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre