Tender: Interpretation English-French/Arabic

12 January 2022

Diakonia works with local partners and other strategic actors in over 25 countries for the fulfilment of the rights of all people to live a life in dignity. Diakonia’s mission is to change unfair political, economic, social and cultural structures that generate poverty, inequality, oppression and violence.

As part its commitment to an inclusive workspace, Diakonia is looking for a service provider to provide simultaneous remote interpretation of meetings and workshops to ensure all staff can participate.

Diakonia requires simultaneous interpretation in the following languages:

  • English-French-English
  • English-Arabic-English

The assignment will cover the meetings of two programmes:

The Transformative Knowledge Programme is a global knowledge and learning programme within Diakonia’s International Department. It consists of 5 projects with the aim to share learnings and experiences among Diakonia partners and countries where Diakonia operates.

The International Humanitarian Law Centre, which is part of Diakonia, is a global legal centre of excellence set up to share knowledge about and promote the laws of war.

Topics that will be covered during the meetings of both programmes include international and sustainable development, human rights, democracy, gender issues, business and human rights, resilience building, (international) law, and humanitarian action.

Scope of work

Provide simultaneous online interpretation in one or all of the following languages:

  • English-French: 150 hours per year (300 hours over the contract period)
  • English-Arabic: 50 hours per year (100 hours over the contract period)

Sessions will take place between 1 February 2022 and 31 January 2023 and last approximately between 45 minutes and 4 hours (incl. breaks).

The service provider is expected to provide simultaneous translation of all meetings as well as verbal translation or explanation of power point presentations used during the sessions, when applicable and necessary. An agenda and a briefing of the programme of the session, as well as a description of the content to be discussed, will be provided in advance.

Diakonia accepts tenders for one language or for all languages combined. We reserve the right to award tenders to multiple companies.

Payment modalities

The service provider will receive a lump sum (incl. VAT), which will be based on a rate agreed upon before commencement of the assignment between the Consultant and Diakonia.

Duration of contract

The contract between Diakonia and the service provider will be valid from 1 February 2022 through 31 December 2023. During this period, the service provider will deliver its interpretation services on the dates and times of the meetings, which will be communicated no later than 10 days in advance.

Evaluation of tenders

Tenders will be evaluated based on the following criteria and their weight:

A.The service provider has experience with Zoom / remote simultaneous interpretation.  50%
B.Costs  30%
C.The service provider has experience with relevant topics, including international and sustainable development, human rights, democracy, gender issues, business and human rights, resilience building, (international) law, and humanitarian action.  10%
D.The service provider ensures an appropriate gender balance in the team.  10%

Tenders shall be evaluated according to the following grades:

Poor: not sufficient0
Not entirely satisfactory: sufficient in some respects but not as a whole1-4
Satisfactory: sufficient but lacks substantial advantages or has uneven quality5-6
Good: adequate and well suited to the purpose7-8
Very Good: gives added value and shows high quality on the whole9-10

How to participate

Submit the following documents to Carina Hjelmstam Winberg, Advisor Competence development and capacity building (carina.hjelmstamwinberg@diakonia.se):

  • Quote or financial proposal, stating the rate per hour and the total amount (do not forget to indicate which language(s) you are applying for)
  • Overview of previous experience or CVs of team members
  • Signed Code of Conduct for suppliers (.docx)
  • Signed Eligibility Confirmation (.docx)

Final date for submissions: 24 January 2022