Mali/Sahel: Trainings and events

IHL Capacity-building Workshop in Niger

31 May 2024

The Regional IHL Centre in Mali organized a capacity-building workshop for members of the committee responsible for the national IHL implementation in Niger.

The workshop took place in Niamey, Niger, from May 29 to 30 and addressed several key IHL themes, such as the fundamentals of IHL, the protection of children against recruitment and use in conflicts, the protection of humanitarian assistance, the parallelism between IHL and human rights in conflict situations, and the principles guiding humanitarian action.

The objective of this training was to facilitate the national implementation of IHL in Niger, particularly by strengthening the commitment of the working group dedicated to national implementation of IHL. This initiative is part of the commitment of the Regional IHL Centre of Diakonia in Mali to strengthen the protection environment in the Sahel. It aims to ensure that national actors and institutions are better equipped with IHL knowledge, thereby enhancing the possibility of sustainable change, and increased local ownership of IHL.

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