The building of the International Criminal Court.
Israel-Palestine: Publication

ICC Investigation in the Palestine Situation

21 April 2021

The objective of this overview of questions and answers is to provide clarity on the ICC’s mandate, competence, and legal process, in general and specifically for its investigation of the Situation in Palestine.


1. What is the ICC and what is its mandate?

2. Which crimes fall within the jurisdiction of the ICC?

3. Which situations has the ICC Prosecutor been investigating?

4. Why is the ICC Prosecutor looking into the Situation in Palestine and is the Prosecutor competent to do so?

5. Where does the ICC investigation of the Situation in Palestine extend to?

6. Who is covered by the ICC investigation of the Situation in Palestine?

7. What considerations will guide the Prosecutor in selecting and prioritizing cases related to the Situation in Palestine?

8. The ICC Prosecutor announced that they were looking into the Situation in Palestine in 2015. Why is there still no trial? What are the next steps?

9. What is the role of Israel and Palestine in the ICC legal process?

10. Do third States have any role to play in this legal process?

11. (How) Can human rights and humanitarian organizations contribute to the ICC legal process?

12. Does the ICC protect those who provide information to the court?

13. What does the ICC investigation mean for the recognition of Palestinian statehood?