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Feminist principles

The Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre works to ensure everyone in society can enjoy the protection of the law. Therefore, our work is based on feminist principles.

Our understanding of a feminist perspective

A feminist perspective is critical to increase protection and humanity across all levels of society, in line with our humanitarian mission. For the Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre, feminist principles are about gender, as well as about awareness of power dynamics, representation, diversity, and inclusion, with an intersectional perspective.

Our work is anchored in the following commitments:

These commitments are the result of an extensive analysis and consultation process which involved all parts and levels of the Centre. They are a point of departure and will evolve as we continue to learn and develop.

Feminist principles in our work

In practice, we apply a feminist perspective throughout our work, for example by ensuring inclusive, notably female, leadership and management; enabling fair and inclusive recruitment procedures; including gender-responsive perspectives in our legal analysis; and by encouraging a diverse composition of participants in events and trainings.

Gender justice and equality

Diakonia commits to ensure that all our work contributes towards true and inclusive gender justice. As stated in our global policy, we want to question and counter destructive wielding of power in our surroundings, as well as review our own methods. We work in accordance with feminist principles to identify and counteract patriarchal values in our own work, in religious tradition and in society at large.

Diakonia International Humanitarian Law Centre

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