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Where We Work

Following the success of the IHLRC, coupled with the current global erosion of the respect for IHL and international human rights law (IHRL), Diakonia has expanded its work by creating a Global IHL Centre. We have seen the potential for this type of engagement and how it can make a difference in one of the most politicised conflicts in the world and we are confident that our flexible, responsive and creative approach can foster respect for international humanitarian law in other contexts.

Each context specific desk takes a broad and flexible approach to disseminating IHL with the aim to inform and support stakeholders in applying and mainstreaming IHL related issues in their respective mandates.

The International Desk

The International IHL Resource Desk based in Stockholm has been designed to coordinate the activities of our desks in Jerusalem, Mali and Lebanon and in addition be a resource for a range of actors working mainly in Sweden and Europe.

The international desk will be able to provide advice, trainings and guidance on issues relating to IHL and IHRL both in regards to the work in our three desks, but where possible give broad advice in regards to conflict related legal issues on a global level.

The Jerusalem IHL Resource Centre

The Diakonia International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Resource Centre was created in 2004 with a mandate to address the ongoing violations of IHL that characterise the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The goal of the Centre is to increase respect for and implementation of international law, and IHL in particular. Learn more about the ocuupied Palestinian territory 

Syria Desk 

Mali Desk

In addition to the international humanitarian law desks for Syria and Jerusalem, Diakonia also has a new desk in Mali.