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International Humanitarian Resource Centre Publications

Our work focuses on the application of international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law (IHRL) to specific policies, practices and issues pertaining to the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).

The analyses aim at providing humanitarian and development experts and practitioners, policy and decision makers, researchers, academics and journalists with accessible and reliable information on international law and its applicability in the oPt. IHL is a key reference and tool for people who work to increase the protection of civilians, alleviate human suffering, and  promote peace, justice and development in Israel and the oPt.

The objective of these analyses and the related recommendations is to facilitate policy formulation.

IHL Briefs

Distinctions with Differences, Jerusalem as Corpus Separatum and its Legal Implications 923 KB PDF
Everyone's Business, Third Party Responsibility and the Enforcement of International Law in the oPt 418 KB PDF
Guilty by Association; Israel’s Collective Punishment Policies in the oPt 2265 KB PDF
Same Game, Different Rules, Practices and Policies of Racial Discrimination by the Occupying Power in the oPt 673 KB PDF
Removing Peace by Force, A Legal Analysis of Recent Israeli Policies of Forcible Transfer in the oPt 1399 KB PDF
Litigating Settlements: The impact of Palestine’s Accession to the Rome Statute on the Settlement Enterprise 467 KB PDF
From Fact Finding to Ending Impunity 3580 KB PDF
The Case of Willful Killings in the West Bank 648 KB PDF
Accountability Violations of International Humanitarian Law 1965 KB PDF
Securing Injustice" Legal Analysis of G4S Operations in Occupied Palestinian Territory 8251 KB PDF
International Crimes and Accountability: A Beginner’s Introduction to the Duty to Investigate, Prosecute and Punish 2597 KB PDF
The Unsettling Business of Settlement Business 234 KB PDF
House Demolitions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 303 KB PDF
Operation Protective Edge Recalling the Core Principles Diakonia 269 KB PDF
Operation Protective Edge - Medical Facilities and International Humanitarian Law 76 KB PDF
Operation Protective Edge- Identifying IHL Violations 358 KB PDF
Understanding Humanitarian Assistance 467 KB PDF
Submission to the EU-Israel Informal Human Rights Working Group Meeting 196 KB PDF
Submission Regarding Implementation of the European Neighborhood Policy in 2013, EU-Israel 352 KB PDF
The Forced Transfer of Bedouin Communities in the oPt 313 KB PDF
Israel’s Destruction of Cisterns Due to the Lack of Building Permits in Area C of the West Bank 379 KB PDF
Flotillas and the Blockade 147 KB PDF
The Gaza Strip: Status Under International Humanitarian Law 177 KB PDF
Jerusalem Light Rail, an International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Perspective 166 KB PDF

Expert Opinions

Rights and obligations of the EU and its Member States to ensure compliance with IHL and IHRL in relation to the situation of the oPt 420 KB PDF
The applicability of human rights law to the Palestinian Territories with a specific focus on the respective responsibilities of Israel, as the extraterritorial state, and Palestine, as the territorial state 745 KB
Legal Status of Israeli Football Clubs Located in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Ensuing Legal Consequences for FIFA 356 KB PDF
The Obligation to Provide, and the Right to Receive, Development assistance in Occupied Territories, including in Situations of Prolonged Occupation 1192 KB PDF
Precautions under International Humanitarian Law of the operation “Protective Edge” 1151 KB PDF
Cutting off electricity and water supply for the Gaza Strip; Limites under international law. Dr. iur., Prof Michael Bothe 3772 KB PDF
Highlights of legal opinion re supply of electricity and water to Gaza Strip. Prof Avi Bell 89 KB PDF
IHL Requiring of the Occupying Power to Transfer Back Planning Authority to Protected Persons Regarding Area C of the West Bank. Prof. Sassòli and Dr. Boutruche 113 KB PDF
International legal rules concerning targeting within Operation Protective Edge. Dr. iur., Prof Michael Bothe 9425 KB PDF
Limits of the right of expropriation (requisition) and of movement restrictions in occupied territory. Dr. iur., Prof Michael Bothe 102 KB PDF
The Destruction of Structures Essential for the Survival of the Protected Civilian Population due to Lack of Construction Permits (HCJ 566711). Prof. Eyal Benvenisti 100 KB PDF
The Israeli Military Commander’s Powers under the Law of Occupation in Relation to Quarrying Activity in Area C. Prof. Iain Scobbie and Alon Margalit 161 KB PDF
The Prohibition of Forcible Transfer in Susya Village. Prof. Eyal Benvenisti 102 KB PDF
The threatened destruction of solar panels of the village of Imneizel 259 KB PDF

IHL Presentations