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The village Um al-‘Kheir, in the Southern Hebron Hills, with the Carmel settlement in the background. @ActiveStills

Removing Peace by Force

A Legal Analysis of Recent Israeli Policies of Forcible Transfer in the occupied Palestinian territory from the Perspective of International Humanitarian Law, Criminal Accountability and Third State Responsibility.


Susiya, Abu Nwar and Al-Hadidiya are three of the most recent case studies that illustrate the Israeli authorities’ pattern of forcibly transferring Palestinian communities. Combined with the continuous expansion of settlements and their supporting services and infrastructure, these measures “reflect a systematic policy of Israel to set the stage for an overall dispossession of Palestinians and the establishment of permanent control over territories occupied since 1967.”8 These policies currently appear to be specifically directed at Area C and the E-1 zone, where the Occupying Power’s actions also suggest intent to exercise permanent sovereignty in contravention of obligations under international humanitarian law (IHL), as well as the UN Charter and Security Council Resolutions.9

This brief will analyze Israeli policies of forcible transfer in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, from the point of view of IHL, international human rights law (IHRL) and international criminal law (ICL). It also will identify the possible long-term implications of these policies, particularly with regard to the future status...

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