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New Legal Brief by the IHL Centre in Mali on "the Legal Framework Applicable to Intercommunity Violence in Mali"

The IHL Resource Desk for Mali has produced a legal brief which focuses on the legal framework applicable to intercommunity violence in the Country


During the last few years, the Mali context was marked by a worrying upsurge in violence across community lines. This violence has left scores dead, particularly in central and northern Mali, intensifying the scale and complexity of humanitarian challenges in the country. This legal brief sheds light on various legal questions related to intercommunity violence that has been evolving steadily over the recent years in Mali. In addition to constituting violations of Human Rights and / or the Malian law, the intercommunity violence is also covered and prohibited by International Humanitarian Law (IHL). The analysis in this brief therefore examines the dynamics of intercommunity violence committed in Mali over the recent years to clarify the legal framework applicable to this violence.


The full brief in French and English is available for download in the column to the right.