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Global IHL Centre Help Desk

The Global International Humanitarian Law Centre of Diakonia engages in the global promotion for the respect of international humanitarian law. We believe that through promoting respect of basic legal standards in the most challenging of circumstances we can contribute to generating an environment where people and their communities can eventually live side by side, in peace and with their basic rights fully respected.

Through its Help Desk, the Global IHL Centre would be pleased to respond to legal and policy inquiries.

The Global International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Centre offers :

  • Trainings, legal briefings and interactive seminars with a range of actors including but not limited to civil society, international humanitarian organisations, diplomatic communities and journalists.
  • Running an IHL help desk to respond to questions or queries.
  •  Writing legal briefs and reports.
  • Commissioning expert opinions.
  • Engaging in national and international advocacy.

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