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Bicycle training, a way of empowering girls. Bicycle training, a way of empowering girls, in northern Bangladesh. Photo: Niranjan Shrestha.

Consultancy for Evaluation of two Civsam programs

We work through local offices in 24 countries in Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia by supporting local partners. Diakonia currently has a grant of around 150 MSEK yearly from Sida CIVSAM, and with a five-year contract 2016-2020. As a part of the mid-term review process, Diakonia wishes to analyse the grant, through the process of gaining more in-depth understanding of a few programs.


Diakonia is planning to evaluate two programs as describe in the Terms of reference below. Diakonia is therefore inviting tender submissions from interested parties, who shall demonstrate that their consultancy company is competent in implementing the evaluation, and as well can guarantee timely completion of the assignment according to the specification in the terms of refecens. Tenderers must demonstrate to Diakonia that they have the capacity, manpower and skills to carry out the work.

The consultant should note the following:

Diakonia always applies a Rights Based Approach and a Development Effectiveness perspective into all our work, and the consultant should bear this in mind when elaborating the proposal.

Tenderers shall state how they relate to issues of Environmental Sustainability in their work, both in this consultancy and within their business in general.  

Tenderers must certify on honour in the tender that they are not in any of the following circumstances; in bankruptcy, has been found guilty of a grave professional misconduct (violation of applicable laws/regulations or ethical standards of their profession),  have been found in breach of its obligation relation to payment of taxes or social security contributions in accordance with applicable laws and/or lack of compliance with main obligations in the performance of a contract financed by Sida support.

The assignment will be performed in accordance with the Diakonia Code of Conduct and Child Safe guarding policy.  The tenderer is obligated to raise the alert in compliance with the Diakonia Code of Conduct and make known to Diakonia any violation as soon as possible.

Diakonia possesses the property rights/rights of use to all results/products. Without the written consent from Diakonia the supplier cannot pass on the results from actual work to a third party. The tenderer is free to use the experience, methodology and techniques that are obtained and are being developed through this contract. The tenderer is free to use/refer to the assignment and Diakonia in connection with marketing.

The tender is under obligation to declare all conflicts of interest prior to the signing of this contract. In this regard, the tenderer is obligated to disclose all relationships that may compromise the tenderer’s independence or objectivity on the assignment.  These provisions also relate to situations arising during the assignment.

The tender needs to be able to deliver the final report by the 1th of April 2019.

Diakonia will only consider those tender submissions that are fully compliant with the above, and prospective Tenderers shall give full and due consideration to their availability and expertise prior to proceeding with their tender submission.

Diakonia is procuring for an evaluation according to Terms of Reference attached to this invitation to tender. Diakonia requires that the successful tenderer includes all considered costs for the assignment, as well as describes methods and methodologies to be used. The selection of the provider will be determined by the evaluation criteria.

Diakonia will consider the following qualitative aspects below:

Quality of the proposal with a special focus on the evaluation methodology  


Qualifications as defined in the ToR

All tenders, complete with attachments, are to be received by Diakonia head through e-mail and should be submitted to Andreas Ulfsax, Advisor,  with copy to: Eva Åberg, International manager, by the 29th of November.

Notice with respect of awarding of a tender or otherwise will be provided by the 6th of December. The contract is expected to be signed towards the end of 2018.