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Abner Paredes works for Diakonia's partner organization CALDH in Guatemala with judicial support to marginalised groups. CALDH is one of many that Diakonia can support through the funding from Sida. Photo: Maria Torstensson

Diakonia's reporting to Sida

Diakonia has a so called frame agreement with Sida, the Swedish international development cooperation agency. As a natural part of this agreement, we make annual reports.

Reporting results to Sida

Diakonia delivers reports to our main donor Sida Civsam, summarising results, lessons learned and main achievements for each geographical region where we work. You can download the latest of these on this page.

If you have any questions, requests with regards to Diakonia's reporting to Sida or if you want to have more documents sent to you, you are very welcome to contact Diakonia's international manager.

Diakonia´s latest Reports to Sida Civsam

Mid-term report 2016-2018 2595 KB PDF
Civsam Report 2017 285 KB PDF
Civsam Report 2016 260 KB PDF
Civsam Final Report 2015 317 KB PDF

Diakonia's reporting to Sida CIVSAM 2012-2014

Diakonia's reporting to Sida 2013

Diakonia annual progress report Sida CivSam 2013 230 KB PDF