A portrait of a young girl with long dark braided hair, smiling and looking into the camera.

Annual reports

Diakonia’s annual report contains a financial report and information that sums up the work carried out during the past year.

The year 2021 was defined by the COVID-19
pandemic, which affected everything. Lockdowns and restrictions have forced us to work in other ways.

In 2021, Diakonia worked with around 400 local organizations to support smart, long-term solutions. See some of the highlights from our work in 2021.

30 years of human rights for all

Palestina. For thirty years, Diakonia has been working in Palestine alongside people with disabilities. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in the programme, which aims to reinforce rights and create a more inclusive society.

For Rudaina Abu Jarrad, the programme has changed her life. She has experienced discrimination, both as a child and as an adult. Today, she works to promote the inclusion of disabled people in schools and universities and their right to health, education and to support themselves financially.

"I'll tell my children that I was part of history!"

Honduras. On 28 November 2021, a historic presidential election was held in Honduras, with the highest turnout in the country’s history. Young first-time voters were the main participants.

“My vote was a conscious choice for a better country,” says Dulce, who took part in Diakonia’s training to increase youth awareness and political participation.

New farming methods broke dependence on emergency relief

Kenya. In the arid area of Tiaty, people have long been dependent on humanitarian assistance in the form of food.

Together with our partner organizations, Diakonia launched a five-year project there. It aimed to make society more resilient to climate change and help people be able to support themselves. We held training sessions on cultivation techniques adapted to a changing climate and sustainable water management. As well as being able to grow their own food, participants in the project have also been able to grow fruit and vegetables for sale.