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In order to support a larger base of partner organizations, like ESOP Leo in Burkina Faso, Diakonia raises funds on a global level. This process is regulated in several internal guidelines. Photo: Ollivier Girard

Global fundraising: internal policy and guidelines

When Diakonia raises funds on an international level, the work is guided by an internal policy and guidelines for global fundraising.

Policy implemented through strategy documents

In practical terms, the policy is implemented through a global strategy and through regional strategies for fundraising, which in turn are incorporated in our three-year strategic plans for regional and country programmes.


In the fundraising work, we work closely with like-minded organizations and strategic partners on capacity building and experience sharing in relation to institutional fundraising. This collaboration takes place at European level within networks such as APRODEV and CONCORD Europe, while for Swedish lobbying and advocacy efforts regarding EU funding, we work through the CONCORD Sweden platform.

Within these networks, we aim to inform and influence the European Commission and other bilateral development agencies to share a more nuanced view on the positive results of development cooperation taking place through civil society organizations acting as effective partners.

Ethics and codes of conduct

Diakonia has internal manuals, handbooks, rules and guidelines that regulate, for example, codes of conduct and how we work to combat corruption and mismanagement of funds.


Diakonia is part of the Human Accountability Partnership (HAP) and its Human Accountability Framework.

Audits and reports

Diakonia uses external certified accountants who audit our organizational and project-level accounts on an annual basis.

Every three to four years, the Swedish government also commissions and conducts system-based management audits of all Swedish CSO framework partnership organizations, including Diakonia.

Diakonia also drafts and supplies a number of reports, along with newsletters and information about best practice and highlights of the development work for institutional and private donors.

Download documents

Diakonia's Annual Report 2014 1527 KB PDF
Diakonia's Annual Report 2013 1682 KB PDF
Diakonia's Annual Report 2012 2152 KB PDF