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16 year old Ripu Akther dreams of becoming a teacher. She livse in a village in Bangladesh where child marriage is common. In 2016 Diakonia’s partner organization began to hold open meetings in collaboration with the organization Gender Development Forum, at which they increase the level of knowledge about gender equality, women’s rights, family law and the risks of child marriage.


On the international level, Diakonia mainly aim its fundraising efforts towards larger institutional donors, global trust funds and private foundations. Grants are normally acquired either under competitive call for proposals, through invited proposals to private foundations, or through continuous dialogue with bilateral donors.

The Swedish CSO frame and Sida

The lion share of our grants is constituted by contributions from the Swedish appropriation for civil society organisations (the CSO frame) and through program level agreements with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency Sida’s departments and Swedish embassies in the field.

EU, UN agencies and other bilateral donors

Except for grants and contracts with Sida and the Swedish government, Diakonia has contracts with the EU, UN agencies and other bilateral donors.

Our aspiration when striving to raise more diversified funds on the international level is that no donor will provide more than 75 percent of our annual turnover.

Diakonia's international fundraising objective

The main objective of our international fundraising is to maximize success in mobilising resources for our southern partner organizations and our own programmes by being efficient and transparent in our efforts.

While striving for this objective, we believe that collaboration with other sister agencies and partners in applications, programs and policy development is crucial.

We try to coordinate in such a way as to build the resource mobilisation capacity of our southern partners and to achieve higher efficiency in our awareness raising efforts and campaigning work in the north.

When we raise funds on the international level our work is guided by our internal policy and guidelines for global fundraising, as well as our regional and country level strategy plans.

Diakonia's internal policy for fundraising on the global level

Collaboration and cooperation

We work closely with like-minded organisations and strategic partners on capacity building and experience-sharing on institutional fundraising.

Within these networks we aim to inform and influence the European Commission, EU delegations as well as other bilateral development agencies to share a more nuanced view on the positive results of development cooperation taking place through civil society organizations acting as effective partners.

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