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Donors and partners

Choosing partners

and maintaining partnerships

Normally, a Diakonia country programme is composed of various partner organizations. Partner organizations are selected by the country offices through a transparent procedure and assessed regularly.

Diakonia country programme is composed of a complementing mix of partner organizations. Diakonia strives to create equal and long-term relationships with partner organisations, and jointly strive towards a shared vision. Partner organizations are selected by the country offices.

Diakonia develop partnerships with organization based on the following:

  • Share Diakonia’s values as expressed in our policy.
  • Sympathise with Diakonia’s vision, general problem analysis and over all objective to change unjust structures.
  • Be clearly oriented towards reaching outcomes and impacts beyond the activities
  • Possess administrative skills, or willingness to acquire such skills, in order to fulfil Diakonia’s formal requirements.
  • Be willing to participate with other partners and networks that emerge or may emerge as a result of the partner group and Diakonia coming together.
  • Have or be willing to exercise transparency, accountability, participation, influence, non-discrimination throughout their work and organization.
  • Have demonstrated technical capacity to implement the activity/ties proposed.
  • Have knowledge of the local situation and relationship with rights holders.
  • Be willing to mainstream gender equality, conflict sensitivity and an environmental perspective during the programme period. This regards the organization’s internal structure and culture as well as within the projects.