Diakonia - People change the world
”Unity is our strength” says Rampati Devis in the village Bhojpur, India. They discovered their bridge was being jerry-built. With support from Diakonia´s partner organization Chetna Bharati, women from twelve villages united to put pressure on the builder and local authorities. Today they have their bridge, solid and well built! Photo: Stephen Welch.


Diakonia is the joint international development organization of two Swedish churches. Our head office is located in Sweden. We have regional offices in Africa, Asia, the Middle East/North Africa and Latin America, as well as local offices in most of the countries where we have partner organizations.

Annual meeting

Diakonia's annual meeting consists of eight representatives from the two denominations that are on the board of Diakonia.

The annual meeting elects the board and the secretary general. It also decides on the general framework for Diakonia's finances. 

Read minutes from Diakonia's annual meetings

Board and secretary general

The board, with its seven members, bears overall responsibility for Diakonia's work. The Board members are selected on basis of their background, experience and competence. Most of the Board members come from the two denominations that form part of Diakonia's support base in Sweden.

The secretary general is the chief executive. One of the important tasks of this post is to represent Diakonia in different forums and situations. Another is to ensure that decisions taken by the annual meeting and board are implemented.

Head office

Diakonia's head office is situated in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Staff work with fundraising, education, information, mobilisation, advocacy and administration. Coordinating international development work is naturally also an important task. Overall policy, methodological and mainstreaming work is also led from head office.

Regional and local offices

Diakonia has regional and local offices offices in a number of countries in which we have partner organizations. The work with our partner organizations, along with the monitoring and evaluation of activities, is based at these offices.