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The Board of Diakonia

The board of Diakonia bears overall responsibility for the work carried out in the organization. The eleven board members are elected by the annual meeting, and their role is to work in Diakonia's best interests.

Board of Diakonia

The Chairperson of the board is Pether Nordin. Deputy Chairperson is Annette Drewitz. Other members of the board are Göran Gunner, Ulrika Erkenborn Rugumayo, Marie Lackenbauer, Oskar Permwall, Linnea Gullholmer, Jacob Ämterlid, Mats Hårsmar, Emma Harrysson and Eva Eriksson.

A portrait of Pether Nordin, chairman of the board.

Pether Nordin

Chairperson of the board

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Diakonia's support base

Members of the two denominations Uniting Church in Sweden and The Swedish Alliance Mission form part of our Swedish support base, and Diakonia is their joint development organization.