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Contact Diakonia

You are more than welcome to contact Diakonia. Our regional and country offices handle the daily development work while the head office in Sweden is responsible for general issues and overall activities.

Regional offices

A Kenyan woman standing in the woods-


Phone: + 254 722 204 236

Postal address:
P.O. Box 21323 - 00505
Ngong Road

Visiting address: Kindaruma Road, Nairobi

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Phone: +66 (0)53 300 099

Postal address:
29/37 Moo Ban Sri Suk, Tung Hotel road,
Watget, Muang, Chiang Mai
Thailand 50000

Visiting address: 29/37 Moo Ban Sri Suk, Tung Hotel road, Watget, Muang Chiang Mai

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Latin America

Phone: +57 1 338 43 52 58 or +57 1 338 43 52 60

Diagonal 39 A bis No 14-46 Teusaquillo
111311 Bogotá

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Middle East/North Africa

Phone: +46 8 453 69 00

Postal address:
P O Box 14038
SE-167 14 Bromma

Visiting address: Gustavslundsvägen 18, Alvik, Stockholm

Head office

Diakonia's head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden (Alvik, Bromma). Please, always make an appointment before coming to see us!

Phone: +46 8 453 69 00

Visiting address: Gustavslundsvägen 18, Alvik, Stockholm

Postal address:
P O Box 14038
SE-167 14 Bromma

Swedish official organizational registration number:

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Complaints and Response Mechanism

Diakonia encourages everybody to hold us accountable to our commitments. If we are not living up to our commitments, there are possibilities to file a complaint through our Complaints and Response Mechanism.

Contact the board of Diakonia

The board has the overall responsibility for the work carried out by Diakonia. The members of the board represent the two principals, but as board members their role is to work for Diakonia's best and interests.

A portrait of Pether Nordin, chairperson of the board of Diakonia.

Pether Nordin

Chairperson of the board

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Other members of the board:

Anette Drewitz (vice chairperson of the board)
Göran Gunner
Linnea Gullholmer
Ulrika Erkenborn Rugumayo
Marie Lackenbauer
Mats Hårsmar
Eva Eriksson
Emma Harrysson
Andreas Linderyd
Anders Berntell


Here you will find contact information for our advisors, regional directors, media relations officers and other staff. If you cannot find the person you are looking for, please contact us at diakonia@diakonia.se.

A portrait of Mattias Brunander, secretary general at Diakonia.

Mattias Brunander

Secretary General

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+46 8 453 69 69

Anna Eggelind

International Director

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+46 8 453 69 67
Portrait of Domingo Torres Santos

Domingo Torres Santos

Deputy International Director

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+ 46 08-453 69 36
A portrait of Natacha Vorholter

Natacha Vorholter

Regional Director Africa

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A portrait of Krister Adolfsson

Krister Adolfsson

Regional Director Asia

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Teresia Carlgren

Regional Director Latin America

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Peter Ottosson

Regional Director Middle East/North Africa

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+46 8-453 69 45
A portrait of Juan Posada Burbano

Juan Posada Burbano

Humanitarian Advisor

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+46 733 245 479
A portrait of Annette Wallqvist

Annette Wallqvist

Media Officer

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+46 (0)70 415 08 46
Portrait of Carina Hjelmstam Winberg

Carina Hjelmstam Winberg

Advisor Disaster risk reduction

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+46 8 453 69 03
Portrait of Jenny Enarsson

Jenny Enarsson

Advisor Gender

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+46 8 453 69 42
Portrait of Joakim Wohlfeil

Joakim Wohlfeil

Policy advisor Conflict and justice

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+46 8 453 69 21
Portrait of Minna Fredriksson

Minna Fredriksson

Advisor Conflict and justice

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+46 73 986 17 56
Portrait of Röbert Törlind

Robert Törlind

Coordinator Resource Mobilisation

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+46 8 453 69 27