Diakonia - People change the world
Chart showing the different sources of individual donations in 2014

Fundraising among individual donors

Diakonia's fundraising among individual donors takes place in Sweden. Thanks to an agreement with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), Diakonia recieves up to SEK* 9 for every SEK donated. This means that a donation to Diakonia is often multiplied several times.


Change Sponsors crucial

Diakonia has thousands of Change Sponsors who donate a sum of money each month via direct debit to the long-term development efforts. Most years the Change Sponsors donations form the main part of the total donations to Diakonia from private donors.

Other individual donors are also crucial to Diakonia's work, as well as the fundraising within the many faith-based congregations that support our work.

Another key part of our funds comes via the Världens Barn (Children of the World) campaign, led by the public servide broadcaster´s charitable foundation Radiohjälpen (Swedish Radio Asssistance).

Reports to donors

Individual donors receive frequent reports on our work (through newsletters, our magazine etc) and they are naturally able to access Diakonia's accounts on how the funds are used.

Information about how Diakonia uses the money donated and how the work is progessing is regularly published on Diakonia's website, as well as in our stories of change and the information on the results of the work of Diakonia and our partner organizations.

Focus on needs of partner organizations: The main objective of our fundraising in Sweden and of our our fundraising on the international level is to maximise success in mobilising resources for our partner organizations and our own programmes by being efficient and transparent in our efforts.

Costs of fundraising in Sweden

About two per cent of Diakonia's annual turnover is used for fundraising activities in Sweden.

* SEK is the abbreviation for the Swedish currency, the krona.