Consultancy: Production of pedagogical tool to increase religious literacy

11 febrero, 2022

Diakonia is hiring a consultant to produce a pedagogical tool regarding religious literacy in the international cooperation sector. It is a tool that is oriented towards international cooperation organizations in the north and partner organizations (faith-based and secular) in the global south.

A project team at Diakonia has identified the need to increase the religious literacy among Diakonia staff and to address the need of increased religious literacy in the international development cooperation in general.


The objective of this call for consultancy is to produce a pedagogical tool to achieve religious literacy. The goal is, among others, that international development organizations can have a higher understanding of the interplay of religion with cultural, economic, and political context of the settings where they work and the role of faith-based actors in that context.

For Diakonia specifically, as an international development organization, there is a need to work with its identity as a faith-based organization that works in a secular manner. How can staff at Diakonia recognize and understand the role of Diakonia as a faith-based organization that works grounded in feminist principles and with a rights-based approach?

The consultant

This mission requires a consultant experienced in the field of international development cooperation and with good knowledge of faith-based actors and the concept of religious literacy. The consultant(s) should be able to apply participatory methods and facilitate dialogue, find common ground and promote understanding. A good experience in working with pedagogical tools is important and experience in capacity building, organizing ideas in a way that is easy to follow and understand for diverse groups. Sensitivity towards the cultural contexts in the north and in the global south regarding religion and religious beliefs.


Please see detailed information and instructions in the Terms of Reference (see below).

Read and download Terms of reference

Terms of reference

The consultant will have a consultant contract with Diakonia. The technical proposal presented by the consultant will be at the base of the contract regarding methodology, chronogram, and economic proposal.

The technical proposals should be sent to project leader Joanna Castro: until March 23rd 2022. Any question regarding the terms of reference should be sent to the same mail address.

Interviews will be made from March 24th to March 29rd. Signing of contract is expected to take place on the week #14 from April 4th. The implementation period starts on April 4th until July 15th, with a first draft ready on July 1st.