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Diakonia believes in people’s equal value and the right of all people to live a dignified life. These are the driving forces behind our work, but far too many people today live in extreme poverty and vulnerability.

Diakonia’s policy

Diakonia’s policy stems from people’s convictions, faith and commitment, and their ability to exercise these. The document is based on the firm belief in people’s equal value and the right of all people to live a dignified life.

Policy themes

The Diakonia policy sets out five basic themes that run through all of our partner organizations’ work for development and justice:

  • Human rights
  • Democratisation
  • Social and economic justice
  • Gender equality
  • Conflict and justice

    All of these themes are naturally interdependent and overlap.


    Diakonia’s mission is based on Christian values. We work for people’s liberation and redress, and to create or recreate structures that are righteous and fair. We do this by analysing the underlying causes of injustice and conflict and then looking for alternative solutions. We also tackle issues of distribution in the world by highlighting unjust structures and working to ensure that the world'’s resources are distributed fairly.

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    Partner organizations fundamental to our work

    Our efforts are aimed at people whose lives are impacted by poverty, oppression or violence in various forms, regardless of their faith, skin colour or gender.

    As an organization funded by Christian churches, our partners naturally include several churches and ecumenical organizations. But we do not believe that Christian organizations are the only ones working to achieve positive change. For this reason, a diversity of religious convictions is represented in our network.