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Gender Mainstreaming Toolbox

Diakonia’s Gender Mainstreaming Toolbox is a guide on how to integrate a gender perspective in projects.

Our goal is that all the work that Diakonia supports should contribute to increased gender equality.

This happens in two ways:

  • Through support to standalone gender projects, i.e. projects whose main goal is related to increasing gender equality.
  • Through gender mainstreaming – meaning through the integration of a gender perspective in all the other projects that we support (projects that focus on democracy, human rights, social and economic justice, conflict, etc).

    This means that all the projects we support – regardless of thematic focus – must have:

    • Gender analysis as part of the basis of the project.
    • Objectives with a gender perspective.
    • Activities with a gender perspective.
    • Indicators that measure whether the project contributes to increased gender equality.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation with a gender perspective.

      The toolbox is not a strict protocol. It is guidance that will help you integrate a gender perspective in projects. All the questions and suggestions in the toolbox will not be relevant for every single project – you decide which ones are useful for the context and the kind of project that you are working on.

      Download Gender Mainstreaming Toolbox in Khmer

      Complete Gender Mainstreaming Toolboxes in Khmer