A portrait of a Kenyan farmer. A tree in the background.
Long-term development work

Thematic areas

Diakonia has a general framework for our strategic work within the six themes of human rights, democratization, social and economic justice, gender equality, conflict and justice and emergency response and disaster resilience.

A young Thai man standing with trees behind him.

Human rights

When all the human rights are fulfilled for every person, Diakonia believes that conditions for dignified lives are created. That is why the promotion and protection of human rights are at the core of all of Diakonia’s work.

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Democracy is the form of governance that best expresses the fundamental ideas in the Bible regarding the equal worth, rights and obligations of all people. Truly just and sustainable development is only possible if rights holders themselves have the power to decide over their own present and future.

A Zimbabwean woman sitting on a floor sewing with her baby next to her.

Social and economic justice

A sustainable and equitable world needs an economy that works to achieve this. How can the economic system include and benefit the poor and marginalized and do so within the limits of the environment? For this to happen, we need people, governments and corporations to take decisive action at the global and local level.

Two Zimbabwean women sitting next to each other. Behind them there are trees.

Gender Equality

Diakonia wants our work to contribute to changing unfair power relations based on gender, to the equal exercise of rights for all people independently of gender or sexual identity, and to changing patriarchal structures.

A Palestine woman and her child looking out through a window

Conflict and Justice

Violence is perhaps the most significant and destructive challenge to human development and dignity. Therefore Diakonia works to address conflicts before, during or after they turn violent. Work is organized around four objectives: protection, peace building, women, peace and security, and policy coherence for peace.

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Emergency response and disaster resilience

Violent conflicts, political turmoil, and natural disasters create humanitarian crises, which threaten millions of lives each year. Diakonia utilizes our strength as a long-term actor, focusing on human rights and at the same time working with our humanitarian partner organizations to save lives, reduce suffering and offer support when crises hit.