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Diakonia in Latin America

Diakonia is present and have partner organizations in Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru and Paraguay. The work is coordinated from our regional office in Bogotá, Colombia. Our partners represent a broad variety of organizations working on different matters and at different levels.

  • Bolivia

    In Bolivia Diakonia supports community-based organizations of the indigenous peoples and Afro-Bolivians and local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in their demand for the implementation of human rights, gender equality and social and economic justice. Diakonia in Bolivia
  • Colombia

    After more than 50 years of internal armed conflict, the Colombian government and the FARC guerrilla finally signed a peace deal in 2016. Diakonia and its partners have worked together to guarantee the enforcement of human rights, gender equality and democratic participation with the goal of a negotiated solution to the conflict. Diakonia in Colombia
  • Guatemala

    Diakonia is involved in strengthen civil society organizations in Guatemala. Since the internal armed conflict Diakonia supports human rights and humanitarian work in the country. Diakonia in Guatemala
  • Honduras

    In order to strengthen democracy and local development, Diakonia supports partner organizations that promote the population to take part in decisions about the democracy, human rights and local development. Diakonia in Honduras
  • Nicaragua

    Diakonia supports civil society organizations working with the promotion, defence and protection of human rights, with a special focus on the rights of women, young people, indigenous people and Afro-descendants. Diakonia in Nicaragua
  • Paraguay

    In Paraguay, we work together with our partner organization to transform Paraguayan society by defending human rights. To do so, we work at all levels of society – mainly with strengthening peasant and indigenous organizations and promoting land reform and sustainable development models. Diakonia in Paraguay
  • Peru

    Diakonia's work in Peru is concentrated in five regions in the southern Andes, some of the poorest regions in the country, and also the most affected by violence during the armed conflict. Diakonia in Peru