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Diakonia’s Lebanese partner organization Najdeh runs a campaign in which they advocate for the equal right to employment for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Photo: Najdeh

Conflict and justice

Diakonia works to create peaceful environments in which women and men can live with dignity. For us, peace is more than the absence of war or organized violence – it is a situation in which all forms of violence are eradicated and conflicts are constructively brought to an end through peaceful means.

Promoting and contributing to peace

The conflict and justice thematic area refers to conflicts that are either already, or run the risk of becoming, armed conflicts. Diakonia’s goal is to strengthen our own and our partner organizations’ ability to contribute peacefully to conflict management in ways that promote human rights and help build communities that can manage conflicts without resorting to violence. We focus on structural factors, such as legal systems, that promote peace and people’s participation in the process of working for peace.

Seeks to create syngergy effects

Diakonia strives to be viewed as wholly independent and impartial by focusing first and foremost on people’s needs and rights, regardless of which side of a conflict they are on. International Human Rights Law apply at all times: in peace as well as during armed conflict. International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is a collection of regulations whose fundamental aims are to alleviate human suffering during armed conflicts. Diakonia seeks to create synergies between our IHL programme and other programmes that could benefit from the IHL programme’s methods and experiences.

Binding regulations imperative

In hazardous areas, areas affected by conflict or areas where there has recently been conflict, private actors may sometimes either contribute to peace or exacerbate existing conflict. Diakonia focuses its work with private actors on corporate responsibility for human rights and for conflict sensitivity. Even if voluntary accountability initiatives are important, Diakonia considers binding international regulations that ensure corporate accountability to be imperative.