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Where we work


In Cambodia, Diakonia supports a variety of local and national non-governmental organizations working on human rights, democracy, gender equality, good governance, and social and economic justice.

Cambodia faces a number of development challenges, including weak public service delivery, ineffective management of land and natural resources, environmental sustainability, and good governance.

But the country also continues to enjoy robust growth, albeit at a slightly lower pace. The garment sector, together with construction and services, are the main drivers of the economy. Poverty continues to fall in Cambodia, although the pace has declined significantly.

Cambodia’s development has been accompanied by widespread land grabbing perpetrated against poor farmers and communities, as well as in urban areas. Land has been converted to accommodate large plantations of sugar and rubber, along with other industrial products mainly for export. Approximately half of the country’s arable land has been appropriated by agribusinesses and mining companies. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evicted from their land in recent years.

How we work

Diakonia is an accompanying partner with a local presence and we engage with our implementing partners through dialogue, funding and capacity building.

Diakonia works with local civil society organizations and directly with communities, training people to become aware of and defend their rights. This includes paralegal support and work to achieve justice for victims of violations such as land grabbing.

A vital component of democratic governance, beyond the challenge of ensuring free and fair elections, concerns holding elected officials accountable and safeguarding an independent judiciary. Diakonia supports partners working to secure good governance across all levels of government and public institutions in Cambodia. We also support independent media so that people have access to independent information and can exercise freedom of expression.

Diakonia’s work makes a difference

Through the work of Diakonia and our partner organizations, hundreds of thousands of people have become aware of their human rights. By encouraging people to organise themselves, a successful contribution to the general development of the community has been made.

As a result of the support from partner organizations, people affected by land grabbing have successfully defended their rights. Women are often the ones taking the lead in these struggles and they have increasingly achieved leadership positions in their communities.

For more information

Kall Kann, Country Director Cambodia

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