A graphic image showing the symbol of equality inside Diakonia's progress circle

Call for action to end child marriages

7 February, 2022

A 15-year-old girl married off to a 29-year-old succumbed to excessive bleeding while giving birth in Marange, Zimbabwe. Although child marriage is illegal, nearly one in three girls are married by the time they turn 18, according to UNICEF.

Child marriages are a form of violence against children, wherein the health and development of the girl child is disrupted. Diakonia and partners are working in Zimbabwe to end all forms of gender-based violations and promote gender justice. It is for this reason we have undersigned a statement directed to the Government of Zimbabwe and other relevant authorities, where we urge the government to take concrete action against the vice, and secure the future of young girls in Zimbabwe.

The statement is signed by Emthonjeni Women’s Forum, Katswe Sisterhood, Women Academy for Leadership and Political Excellence, and Diakonia.