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Conflict Mainstreaming Toolbox

Diakonia’s Conflict Mainstreaming Toolbox is a guide on how to integrate an conflict perspective into strategies, programs and projects.

Our goal is that all that we do (by ourselves or through partnerships) should be conflict-sensitive. In practice, this means that, in contexts characterized by conflict risk or on-going conflict, we work pro-actively and systematically to avoid contributing to violent conflict, and if possible – contribute to peace.

Conflict ratings provided by the global risk index INFORM guide our conflict mainstreaming. In countries with conflicts risk rated as medium, high or very high (currently above 3,5 on the 10 grade scale) – we follow through on the Diakonia guidelines for Conflict Mainstreaming, in Diakonia PME Handbook. The Guidelines and this toolbox represents Diakonia´s minimum standard in regards to conflict-sensitivity.

Diakonia’s conflict mainstreaming consists of three steps: Conflict analysis, Basic Do No Harm Analysis and Adjust & Adapt. The Conflict Mainstreaming Toolbox is a step-by-step manual for ensuring conflict-sensitivity.