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More than 200 persons participated in the meeting aiming for rights to legal status for ethnic minorities.

Advocating for legal rights

Diakonia’ s partner organization Legal Status Network Foundation recently arranged a workshop aimed to seek collective action for the right to legal status for over 17000 persons that lost their registration more than ten years ago.


In 2005 around 17 000 names of persons from different ethnic minorities were removed from the civil registration system  in three main sub-districts of Chiang Mai in Thailand, including Mae Taeng, Viang Haeng and Mae Rim.

Their names were removed following the Announcement by Ministry of Interior. It was a corrupt process involving misconduct of duty by the officials in granting legal status to people in the area.  Many people were affected by the announcement without being involved in the process and as a consequence they’ve been stateless for nearly 11 years since then.

Mobilizing collective action

Now the Legal Status Network Foundation is mobilizing collective action among relevant stakeholders to establish clear guidelines for how to give back the rights to legal status to the affected persons.

More than 200 persons participated in the meeting that was held at the Chiang Mai city hall. Invited were different stakeholders including persons from relevant government sectors such as offices of central registration, provincial and district relevant authorities, national human rights commission and its sub-committee, legal status network organizations and the people who lost their legal status.

Will send recommendations

The outcomes of the meeting will be turned in to recommendations that will be submitted to the National Security Council and Ministry of Interior in Bangkok on November 29.