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Global campaign för climate justice

Diakonia and many of its partner organizations around the globe are advocating for climate justice. Please sign the petition to join the global campaign for a sustainable and fair climate agreement! 


UN climate conference in December

ACT Now for Climate Justice was initiated by members of Act Alliance to influence the negotiations around the upcoming Paris conference on climate. The conference, called COP21, will take place in December 2015.

We urge for a fair and ambitious climate agreement

"Act now for climate justice" was launched towards the COP21, urging world leaders to commit to agreements that will “deliver fair, ambitious and strong climate actions at national and international levels, adequate to stop climate change and keep global warming well-below 2 degrees; and deliver and increase public finance so that the poorest can adapt to climate change and develop in a low carbon sustainable way;” as well as country specific demands from national petitioners.

Sign the petition here: http://actclimate.org