Diakonia - People change the world

We support people changing the world

In Asia, Diakonia co-operates with partner organisations in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Diakonia is an international development organisation working for change, fighting against poverty and injustices.  
We know that people can change the world and that sustainable change has to come from within – from people themselves. When vulnerable men and women become aware of their rights and start working together, their common efforts will lead to real results.

The common goal for our work in Asia is to fight against poverty, strengthen gender equality and be a part of processes where the most vulnerable and exposed people have the opportunity to conquer a just life. Some of our partners also work with questions related to ethnic conflicts. This work is mainly being carried out in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, but also in Cambodia.

The main themes for all Diakonia’s international development work are present in all our efforts:


Human rights

Social and economic justice

Gender equality

Peace and reconciliation

Diakonia funds development work by local organisations, and supports them for capacity building in program development, transparency and accountability. We also support partners work on advocacy. Both aspects are required if we are to tackle the causes of poverty and oppression. 

Diakonia strives to work with local organisations as equal partners. We share values, analysis and dialogue, we work towards the same goals, and we are committed to stay.

Our long experience, deep knowledge and presence in the local context enables us to find, and work closely with, relevant partners suitable to the political context. 

Diakonia’s work in Asia is coordinated from the regional office in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Country offices are located in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand.