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Mid-term evaluation of programme progress

Diakonia is looking for a consultancy team to evaluate the progress of the programme Supporting People for a Dignified Life (SPDL) in Cambodia. The mid-term evaluation will appraise the programme's progress and achievements against its overall and specific objectives.

Diakonia is an international faith-based development organization rooted in two churches in Sweden, the Swedish Alliance Mission and the Uniting Church in Sweden. The organization currently has local offices in 24 countries in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia and mainly supports local civil society organizations. Diakonia’s vision is a just, equal, and sustainable world. Diakonia's mission and goal are to change unfair political, economic, social, and cultural structures that cause poverty, oppression, inequality, and violence.


The SPDL program (2020-2024) is funded by Sida through the Swedish embassy section office in Phnom Penh. The SPDL program is the continuation of the Human Rights and Democracy Program (HRDEM) which was supported by the embassy from 2017 to 2019. The overall aim of the SPDL programme is to “strengthen civil society with the capacity to widen democratic space and promote human rights and gender equality so Cambodian people can lead peaceful, dignified lives with access to fundamental rights and freedoms.” The SPDL Programme has the development objective ”A just, equal and sustainable Cambodia free from poverty, oppression, inequality, and violence”, and has four specific objectives, which are:

  1. Programme Objective for Human Rights: Rights holders, grassroots community's and CSO's capacity strengthened to advocate for a functioning rule of law as well as respect and promotion of human rights, which benefits all.
  2. Programme Objective for Democracy: Rights holders, grassroots communities and CSOs supported to strengthen their capability for wideningdemocratic space in Cambodia, which benefits all.
  3. Programme Objective for Gender Equality: Women, men,boys,and girls are empowered and strengthened to exercise their rights for gender equality, hold the government accountable to their commitments and contribute to reducing gender-based violence in the community and society.
  4. Programme Objective for Strengthening Partners: Partners are empowered and strengthened to achieve organizational and programmatic sustainability.

Objective of the evaluation

The objective of the Mid-term Evaluation (MtE) is to evaluate the progress of Diakonia’s programme Supporting People for Dignified Life (SPDL) from 1st January 2020 to 30th September 2022 and assess its relevance and effectiveness to contribute to the desired change process identified in Diakonia’s Cambodia Country Strategy and Theory Of Change. The MtE will appraise the programme's progress and achievements against its overall and specific objectives, and the current implementing partner portfolio and produce recommendations for improvements, particularly in the context of recent socio-political developments in Cambodia.

Time frame

It is expected that a time and work plan is presented in the tender. The first draft of the evaluation report should be delivered no later than 15th November, and the final report should not be later than 5th December 2022.

Team Qualifications

The MtE should be conducted by a consultancy team (of about 2 persons) with the following qualifications:

  • Competence and experience in reviews and evaluations, quality assessment, results in framework and results-based management, and/or working with cross-cutting issues such as gender, conflict, and environment/climate change.
  • Competence and experience in the development cooperation area, as well as working with a Rights Based Approach.
  • Extensive and documented competence and experience in the areas of democracy and human rights, gender justice, conflict sensitivity, mainstreaming approaches; and
  • Experience and understanding of the Cambodian context, especially the situation of civil society in Cambodia or southeast Asia.

Submission of tender

The tender shall be sent per e-mail to Diakonia Country Director Kall Kann (kall.kann@diakonia.se) as soon as possible and no later than 20th August 2022.

The tender shall include:

  • CV of all involved consultants.
  • Testimonials and sample reports of similar assignments taken in the recent past.
  • Understanding of ToR and a detailed suggestion of research methods, sampling and its rationale.
  • Draft work plan and budget

Please see complete information, requirements and conditions in the Terms of Reference attached below.

For any questions regarding the tender and assignment, contact Country Director Kall Kann (kall.kann@diakonia.se).