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Diakonia’s work in Nicaragua is focused on the Atlantic coast, where extreme poverty is most widespread and jobs are lacking. The most vulnerable are young people, women and the Miskito indigenous people. The extreme poverty means that many people feel compelled to leave the area and live as migrants in other parts of the country or abroad.

In Nicaragua, Diakonia supports organizations that work to strengthen respect for human rights, gender equality and social and economic justice.

Human rights: In particular, we work to strengthen the rights of women, young people and indigenous peoples. We also work for the leadership of young people and for the collective rights of indigenous peoples and Afro-Nicaraguans on the Atlantic coast.

Gender equality: We work with organizations that provide legal support to women who are subjected to violence.

Social and economic justice: We empower women so that they can start their own economic projects that make them self-sufficient. We focus on sustainable development.

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