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Partners in Asia

Here is a list of Diakonia's partner organizations in Asia.

Organization Country
Association for Development for Economic and Social Help  Bangladesh
Bangladesh Resource Centre for Indigenous Knowledge  Bangladesh
Bangladesh Legal Aid And Services Trust  Bangladesh
Bolipara Nari Kalyan Somity   Bangladesh
Manab Kallyan Parished  Bangladesh
Nagorik Uddayong  Bangladesh
Organization for Women's Development in Bangladesh  Bangladesh
Social Association for Rural Advancement  Bangladesh
Safety and Rights Society  Bangladesh
Unite Theatre for Social Action   Bangladesh
Udayankur Seba Sangstha  Bangladesh
Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights  Cambodia
Licadho  Cambodia
Sahmakum Teang Tnaut  Cambodia
Cambodia Human Rights and Development Association  Cambodia
Equitable Cambodia  Cambodia
Cambodia Food and Service Workers' Federation  Cambodia
Coalition for Cambodian Farmer Community  Cambodia
Cambodian Center for Independence Media  Cambodia
Building Community Voices   Cambodia
Banteay Srei  Cambodia
Gender and Development for Cambodia  Cambodia
The NGO Forum on Cambodia  Cambodia
AMARA  Cambodia
Women's Resource Center  Cambodia
Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia  Cambodia
Cooperation Committee for Cambodia  Cambodia
Cambodian Center for Human Rights  Cambodia
Cambodia Indigenous People Organisation  Cambodia
Center for Alliance of Labor and Human Rights  Cambodia
Thingaha Gender Organization  Myanmar
Kalyana Mitta Foundation  Myanmar
Myanmar Baptist Convention  Myanmar
Charity Oriented Myanmar  Myanmar
World Concern Myanmar  Myanmar
Equality Myanmar (EQMM)/ Formerly Human Rights Education Institute of Burma  Myanmar
NGO Gender Group  Myanmar
Myanmar Council of Churches  Myanmar
Knowledge and Dedication for Nation Building/Karen Development Network  Myanmar
Karen Baptist Convention   Myanmar
Spirit in Education Movement  Myanmar
Human Rights Education Institute of Burma/Colors Rainbow  Myanmar
Women's Organizations Network  Myanmar
Plantation Rural Education and Development Organization   Sri Lanka
Suriya Women's Development Centre  Sri Lanka
Eastern Human and Economic Development  Sri Lanka
Women's Development Centre  Sri Lanka
Law and Society Trust  Sri Lanka
Transparency International Sri Lanka    Sri Lanka
VILUTHU - Centre for Human Resource Development  Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation   Sri Lanka
People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections    Sri Lanka
Samadana/m  Sri Lanka
Centre for Environmental Justice   Sri Lanka
Eco Friendly Volunteers (ECO–V)  Sri Lanka
Muslim Women's Research & Action Forum Sri Lanka
Micro Economic Development Foundation  Thailand
MAP Foundation  Thailand
The Foundation of the Church of Christ in Thailand  Thailand
Upland Holistic Development Project   Thailand
The Mirror Foundation   Thailand
Development Center for Children and Community Network   Thailand
Thailand Lahu Development Foundation   Thailand
Inter Mountain Peoples Education and Culture in Thailand Association  Thailand
Karen Development and Service Foundation  Thailand
Foundation of Child Understanding  Thailand
The Border Consortium  Thailand
Help without frontiers  Thailand
Center for Girls  Thailand