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Gladys in Kenya transformed her life

Gladys overcame the obstacles of widowhood and archaic traditional practices to become economically empowered to create sustainable livelihood for herself and her children.


In 2006, Gladys Adhiambo found herself widowed with 3 children and without any source of income to fend for her family. According to the local customs of her village located in Kenya's Mfangano Island, widows were to be inherited by close male relatives of the deceased man.

Many women living near the shores of Lake Victoria find themselves in a similar situation. In a community whereby fishing is the main economic activity, women without sustainable sources of income are forced to engage in sex with fishermen to obtain fish to sell.

However, through the intervention of Lake Victoria Rights Programme (LVRP) and its partners in the area, ADS Nyanza and Ufadhili Trust, women like Gladys have been able to transform their lives through obtaining skills to empower them economically.