Diakonia - People change the world

Diakonia is an organization working with long term sustainable development together with changemakers from 400 partner organizations in 30 countries around the world. Together with our partner organizations, we are people changing the world.

Results and Stories of change

The results of Diakonia's and our partners long-term development work are reported on a yearly basis. We also collect stories of change - there you meet the people who are changing the world.

Diakonia's strategy for change and a rights based approach is highly conducive to socially sustainable development as it recognises the discriminated individuals or groups and victims of violations as right holders.

By putting focus on empowering people to demand what is rightfully theirs and on the duty bearers’ obligation to grant the rights, the approach not only provides the legal framework and tools to pursue change. It also empowers the rights holders to be the protagonists of the change and to be owners of this process.