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Through ACFODE's Training of Trainers programme, Polly gained skills regarding human rights. After the course, she has been active in working for the rights of young mothers. Photo: ACFODE

Uganda: Polly helps young mothers claim their rights

In Uganda, Diakonia's partner organization ACFODE runs a gender equality project through training of trainers. Polly is one of those who have taken part of the training.


Polly learned about human rights

Polly Boito is a business woman from the Atwal sub-county of Oyam. She learned about ACFODE's (Action for Development) project from a community based organization working for the rights of young mothers, which encouraged her to the Training for Trainers workshop.

"With the skills and knowledge I gained in human rights from the workshop, she was nominated to be the chair person of the Child Protection Committee (CPC) in her sub-county," says Polly.

Empowers and strengthens young mothers

In addition to her new skills and position, Polly has facilitated meetings between her community and the police, and carried out health education in the community. An important part of that work was to empower young mothers to claim their rights.

"As a member of the child protection committee, I have been able to counsel child mothers and support them to report perpetrators of defilement to the police," Polly tells us.

Results from ACFODE's workshops: Polly is not the only one whop has benefitted from ACFODE's workshops. The number of women leading committees in the Oyam distric has increased, and the population of Oyam is demands at a higher rate that political leaders practice good governance. Also, the violence against women has decreased.

Low rate of crimes and gender based violence

The efforts of Polly and the team surrounding her have successfully bridged the gap between the police and the communities, as well as encouraged the re-enrollment of child-mothers into schools. This is an important improvement, as the stigma towards young mothers have caused many to not return to school.

Through Polly's community meeting with the police force, a positive dialogue concerning the security and law enforcement of the community have started. Because of the deepened relationship that has been founded between the people and the law enforcement officers, the level of crime in the communities has decreased.

"This work has also lead to a drop in sexualized gender based violence in my county," says Polly proudly.